Transitional Shelter for Women & Children

Zacchaeus House has been Home to many Single Families

Loaves and Fishes transitional sheltering program for women with children is called Zacchaeus House.  Transitional sheltering means 24/7 longer term housing that will offer the opportunity for residents to get the job training and experience, education and other long-term solutions needed to get and keep permanent housing.

Zacchaeus House is a home that can house up to 3 small families of moms with 2-3 children. Each family has their own furnished bedroom and sitting room and shares 2 full bathrooms, 1 kitchen and living rooms with the other families. Zacchaeus House is a drug and alcohol free environment and limited visitors are allowed. Zacchaeus House residents must be working, in school, or be participating in, or applying for job avialablity through Work First at Capital Area Michigan Works –

Guests at our transitional houses pay a nominal monthly program fee that covers just a fraction of the services we offer to them. This helps teach the guests money management and accountability, as well as helps them with budgeting and feeling that they are a partner in their service plan, as they prepare to move into their own housing.

How to Apply:

Call Loaves and Fishes Ministries at 517-482-2099 after 9:30 AM for more information.